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Color4care was founded in 2011 by partners Sofi and Phillip.

While studying to be a nurse, Sofi saw how students in other programs had bags which represented their respective fields. Phillip, on the other hand attended the Police Academy and was equipped with a training bag with the police logo on it. The bag showed what he studied and which profession he had chosen. It created a sense of community and a feeling of pride during the training period. This was something missing for nursing students. During her studies, Sofi realised just what large and heavy responsibilities were placed on healthcare professions, many of whom are taken for granted and are under appreciated. A feeling to somehow pay homage to all health care professionals and enhance their professional pride grew stronger over time.

Together, Sofi and Phillip developed a specially designed nursing bag that would fit the needs of aspiring health professionals. It would have room for books, pencils and other things that need to be taken on the go. A bag that could be taken into real work situations and be a clear symbol of the amazing professional career it's barer has chosen.

While the bag was a success, the demand for additional equipment was even greater. Subsequently, functional, colourful and fun products were developed. The products helped health professions put a personal stamp on their work uniforms and added colour to otherwise sterile and dull work environments.

This was the beginning of Color4care, its motto being Joy, Colour and Care.

So, help us to bring color to healthcare and remember that every day at work, you are important to someone.

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