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Compression stockings should be as nice looking as they are useful

Compression stockings have become a very popular piece of clothing, not only in health care but as a functional garment in general. Most people know about the benefits of wearing compression stockings. Thus, also the requirements for and expectations of quality as well as personal taste and style increased. Someone who understood this even in the very beginning was Color4Care, who wanted to show that one can mix function with style. With a slogan like "we bring colour to the health care!" it is inevitable that we should launch the neatest and most personal compression stockings on the market.< p>

A colourful compression stocking circulates blood as well as joy

Ever since the start, more and more beautiful patterns appeared in the range of compression stockings at Color4care and today, there is probably a stocking for every taste. So when you put on a pair of compression stockings Circus, you know that they will not only make your workday a bit more pleasant, but will also make you a little more confident. You can also be sure that your new stockings will spread joy in your workplace. Whether it's a friend or a patient who receives a small colourful glimpse beneath the pant legs, you can be sure that your choice of clothing adds colour to your day as well as day of others.

Compression stockings shape & function

Compression stockings are designed to stimulate blood circulation in the legs and feet. This can be very important when part of the circulatory system is far from the heart, and long days in an upright position may make it difficult for the body to circulate the deoxygenated blood from the legs. With the stimulus from compression stockings your body gets an extra boost in the right direction. Initially, compression stockings have been a more or less strictly medical recommendation for people with low blood pressure, such as the elderly and pregnant women, for example. But the benefits of compression stockings have turned out to be good for just about anyone.

So why put on a compression stocking in neutral colour from the pharmacy when you can choose to look great in a pair of high quality compression stockings that match both your style and your mood? If you need a pair of pretty compression stockings, you can buy them here...