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Healthcare Uniforms

Healthcare Uniforms for the Unique Individual

Standard medical uniforms can be described as dull and bland. But wouldn’t it be great if your lively personality could be reflected in your healthcare uniforms? At Color4care, we believe that individualised and colourful uniforms can raise people’s spirits and create a more ple...


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  • TED compression stockings

    TED Compression Stockings

    Funky Compression Socks Designed for Everyday Use

    As heath practitioners in a clinic, you’re constantly on your feet, which can lead to a variety of health problems and issues. Compression socks are the solution, but normally they are so dull and bland – anything but fun. At Color4care, we know how important it is for nurses and clinic staff to take care of themselves, as well as their patients. Our colourful and exciting compression socks will not only help with circulation in your legs and feet, but they will also lift your spirits and your mood with their sense of style and whimsy. From colours to stripes to a variety of patterns, let your feet have some fun!

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    Compression Socks from Dots to Stripes

    Traditionally, medical uniforms and compression stockings have never been very personalised or colourful, but we aim to change that standard. There is no reason that nurses can’t bring their own unique sense of style and individuality to their uniforms. Color4care’s compression socks are a great way to do this! Instead of the drab neutrals usually offered, we have a wide array of colours and patterns, including stripes and polka dots. For all tastes and colour palettes, we offer you a way to express your personality. Delight your patients with a splash of colour that reflects your own individual charms.

    At Color4care, we encourage you to transform your clinic from the stereotypical setting to a vibrant, unique work environment. That is why we offer a range of products, all meant to introduce colour and joy into your workplace. Not only do we offer colourful products that benefit the health of your employees, as with our compression socks, but we also offer medical equipment, work wear, watches, and more. Even our name badges bring back the sense of the individual and allow for the expression of personality, all while promoting a positive and lively image to patients.

    Buy Compression Socks for Your Own Health!

    At Color4care, we value our health care professionals and know just how taxing their work can be. The demands of the job can cause circulatory problems that can lead to various complications, which necessitates the use of compression stockings. That is why our compression socks not only help with circulation, but also have a massaging effect on tired legs. In addition to helping with physical issues, our goal is also to uplift the spirit and morale in the workplace through colour. Our delightful and comfortable compression socks also pair well with our unique and fun work shoes. Take care of yourself without sacrificing your own unique sense of style!

    After being on your feet all day and diligently looking after the needs of others, we want to take care of you and make your shopping experience with us as easy and painless as possible! We strive to create a user-friendly website that is also very secure in order to cater to your needs. Shipping is also available and we have great customer service to deal with any of your questions. As you’re always looking after patients, let us look after you and colour your world!

  • Basic clothing
  • Tunics

    Nurses Tunics

    Nurses Tunics For Today’s Modern Health Care Professional

    Most people can identify with a nurses uniform, from the classic old style much loved by TV, to today’s modern nurses tunics. A nurse’s uniform can create a sense of calm with a patient who is often under strange and stressful circumstances; identifying the wearer as someone who can be trusted, creating a safe environment. The wearing of a uniform gives the professional worker, credibility and engenders trust. Nursing tunics need to balance a professional and modern appearance while keeping an appreciation for nursing's heritage. Projecting this realistic image to patients and public also help the health professional to create a positive professional identity. For today’s modern health care professional gone are the starched aprons and frilly caps of yesteryear. Along with developing clinical roles and expertise the modern day nurse and healthcare professional wear a different more practical and comfortable uniform. The next logical step is to make the uniforms more interesting; one way to do this is to add colour. Creating an easier working environment is easy, use colour to identify the different professions within your clinic and instantly brighten your working area and your patients day.

    Let Your Nurses Tunics Add Some Personality To Your Clinic Or Work Area

    Colour psychology states that colour affects each and everyone us, different colour spectrums saying different things. Nurses tunics can also have that effect, sober and sophisticated or fun and interesting, welcoming and warm can all be a part of your projected professional image. At Color4care we have a range of colourful and practical workwear to suit all needs. Come and browse online the choices we have available.

    Designed to allow ease of movement that assists the wearer in their clinical work, our nurses tunics are manufactured to a high standard with every stage from raw material to finished product conforming to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. This independent certification and testing ensures all the nurse tunics, including buttons and zippers are carefully checked to be friendly to both user and nature, giving you complete confidence in all our available nurses tunics. Designed to suit men or women, they can be worn to reflect nursing hierarchy via our vibrant and fun nurses name badges.

    Professional And Colourful Nursing Tunics For You; Order Today!

    Color4care has a motto of Joy, Colour and Care; we want to bring a sense of vibrancy into the health care profession. To take the ‘starch’ out the profession we have designed a range of healthcare and nursing products that will encourage patient confidence and allow some joy into what can be a very drab and serious environment. Our nurses tunics are fun to wear, easy to dress and move in with hidden pockets for all the necessities of the profession. Buying online has never been easier; you can shop by colour or product, our payment methods ensures secure shopping. Come and find your look today!

  • Socks
  • Underwear

    People working in healthcare often work many hours during a shift. Without proper clothing, this can be extremely tiring and fatiguing for the body. This is why it is essential to give you body the correct support and comfort throughout the day to keep you feeling fresh and energetic. We have carefully selected a range of underwear perfectly suited for those working in healthcare. Our underwear is made with soft stretchy fabric that ensures an invisible and comfortable fit. A great combination between style and comfort. Our underwear is available in a variety of different styles, colours and sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

  • T-shirts
  • Work trousers
  • Work tops
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