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    Sporty work shoes for both work and lifestyle

    We have expanded our traditional work shoe range with a selection of sporty trainers from Hummel, idea for those working in the nursing profession or those of you on your feet for many hours of the workday. We wanted to provide an all-round shoe that could be used in healthcare, getting about or even for exercise. Have chosen Hummel as it checks all the boxes. We've chosen these shoes for their versitility, style, high quality and of course comfort.

    Anywhere, anytime

    Hummel has long offered sporty fashionable footwear and deliver high quality products. Here, you'll find great shoes with the right features to suit those working within healthcare. Hummel originally started by producing and selling sports shoes and clothes, but recently, the company decided to break into the fashion market. Now they have shoes that are both functional and stylish and can be used anywhere and anytime.

    High quality and comfort

    Hummel is known for its Scandinavian design and high comfort. The company was founded in Germany but in now located in Denmark.

    The company has been around for over 90 years and has always produced products of high quality. Comfort and flexibility is something that we at Color4care think is important to have as a care worker.

    There shoes can be used to and from work, during working hours or even as a pair of lightweight stylish trainers. Our selection includes different models that are suitable for most occasions.

    We at Color4care want to brighten up your working day with splenderous colours and great products. Match your shoes with our other products in the range and experiment with colours and styles. Your job is important and you should also be able to show your personality. Cheer up yourself and your patients with the colourful selections from our range.

    Shop your new work shoes at Color4care today!

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