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  • Stethoscopes

    Buy a stethoscope from Colour4care

    Brighten the Workplace with colourful equipment

    Stethoscopes are a basic piece of equipment for every nurse and health care practitioner. But just because it is basic doesn’t mean it has to look dull and ordinary! At Colour4care, we offer numerous styles of stethoscopes in fun colours. Give a punch of colour to your uniform, thereby creating a more pleasant and enjoyable work environment. Patients will also appreciate the charming colours and cheerful atmosphere. Make your equipment unique and personalised with our exciting products! We even offer several stethoscope accessories to further individualise your equipment.

    Stand out from the rest with a colourful stethoscope

    As a nurse, a stethoscope is part of your daily uniform. It is always present, which almost makes you forget about its appearance. But what if you had a stethoscope that not only was high quality and practical, but one that was also fun and added a splash of vivid colour to your uniform? At Colour4care, we believe that every part of a nurse’s uniform should reflect the individual and their unique personality while still maintaining professional standards. Buy a unique stethoscope to help show off your own style! While we do provide a great variety of options if you buy your stethoscope here, we also allow you to further personalise your choices. We offer many useful but colourful accessories for stethoscopes. Perhaps you’d like to get animal-themed stethoscope covers to really make your patients smile!

    Through our unique and colourful products, we at Colour4care believe that we can uplift the spirits of health practitioners and their patients. We provide a variety of products to fulfil this goal. From uniforms to name badges to medical equipment, our unique and colourful products will change your mind about how you want to brand your work environment. A colourful clinic is not only joyous, but it is humanising and makes the entire experience more personal for your patients. Even one product, such as our stethoscopes, can move your clinic in this direction. Add some vivacity into your daily routines and tasks!

    Buy a stethoscope to Colour Your World!

    Running a health clinic can be a stressful and demanding job, and often concerns of style do not take precedence. However, at Colour4care, we believe that infusing colour into the work environment creates more joyous atmosphere for staff and patients. That is why we offer an array of products to help health practitioners easily adopt unique and individualised items, including essential medical equipment and work wear. If you buy your stethoscope you are purchasing a necessary tool but you are also allowing your unique personality to shine through, uplifting your spirits and the mood of those around you – including patients!

    Our customers are very important to us! We have made our shopping experience easy and secure so you do not need to stress. You can shop by colour or by product for all of your nursing and health clinic needs and we even offer shipping. What are you waiting for? Come to our site and purchase your new stethoscope as well as a variety of other work wear and equipment, all in unique and fun colours!

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  • Littmann® Stethoscopes

    World leaders in stethoscopes

    For more than 45 years, Littmann has offered health professionals high quality stethoscopes. They have a wide product range and have stethoscopes that fit everyone’s needs. They have long been recognised as one of the best producers of stethoscopes and prove this constantly with their new products.

    Littmann’s products are amongst the best on the market and have the highest quality sound reproduction. Use our guides to find the stethoscope that meets your needs and expectations.

    Littmann’s stethoscopes are made with the highest quality and are reliable and dependable. All their stethoscopes are made in the USA and produced under strict guidelines and rigorous quality controls to deliver the best stethoscopes on the market.

    Find your style

    With its wide range and high quality, Littmann has become one of the world's largest providers of professional stethoscope to professions in the health sector that require them.

    Stethoscopes are available in many models and a variety of colours, so you should be able to find the one that suits you, your profession and your personality. This large selection also makes it easy to find a stethoscope that matches your work uniform.

    Something for everybody

    The Littmann stethoscope range is available in both standard and custom designs with advanced technology to be able to perceive difficult to identify sounds and exclude noise and other disturbing noises.

    The new electronic stethoscopes in the range have built-in noise cancelling and sound amplification that enables you to have clear sound reproduction. It also has the ability to record sounds that can then transfer to a computer for visual analysis of the sounds waveforms. This is a valuable feature for both diagnosis and for training purposes. You can select to play the sounds slower to get an even clearer sound.

    Color4care are authorised dealers of genuine Littmann products. This means that you as our customer have access to one of the world's best stethoscope manufacturers' entire catalogue. Color4care stocks all models of Littmann stethoscopes, parts and accessories. We believe its important that everyone working in the healthcare profession should have access to quality equipment and that is precisely why we are so proud to be an authorised distributor for Littmann, a brand that you can trust.

    Stethoscopes come in several colours that can be matched with many of our other colourful and personal products. Get your new stethoscope from Littmann at Color4care today.

    The warranty period on a Littmann stethoscope is between 2-7 years depending on the model.

    See PDF for help choosing the stethoscope that's right for you.

    Always be sure to buy a Littmann stethoscope from an authorised UK retailer, as there are many copies in the marketplace. Color4care is an authorised dealer of 3M™ Littmann® stethoscopes.

    Your profession demands the best tools and you can rely on 3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes to deliver accurate sound reproduction of both low and high frequencies.

    Please note: Littmann stethoscopes are special order items and delivery time can be a little longer. Estimated delivery time is 7-12 working days.