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  • Measure and count
  • Sphygmomanometer

    Color4care like to add a little colour to care ... So why not purchase a blood pressure monitor in colour? Blood pressure gauges are available in different colours and can match with your other equipment you order with Color4care. Blood pressure gauges are manually operated with a handy two-in-one tubing system which makes it clearer to read and easier to work with.

  • Scissors
  • Stethoscope
  • Nurse watches

    Nurses Fob Watch

    A Nurses Fob Watch, Much More Than A Historical Timepiece

    Nurses throughout history have been the lightbringers starting with the original Lady of the Lamp, Florence Nightingale. They brighten up their patient’s days while ensuring they have the care and treatment they require. Today the tradition of caring continues but along the way the sterile environments essential for hygienic care became bland and let’s face it dull! Today’s nurses want to bring joy to their patients along with the best professional care. Color4Care has the solution, practical, fun and colourful work equipment.

    A neat and simple solution to introducing a little colour to your uniform would be with one of our nurses fob watch. Worn since the Victorian times the tradition of wearing a nurse fob watch continues. Whilst wearing a nurses watch is an expectation within some region’s uniform code, most nurses see the practical application of using one. The tradition of being given a nurses fob watch on qualifying is sadly not as active in today’s economy but it still a much treasured part of the uniform, practical and worn with a sense of pride, of belonging to the nursing fraternity.

    Bright And Cheerful, Our Nurses Fob Watch Is An Essential Part Of Your Uniform

    Color4Care is dedicated to providing the nursing and healthcare profession with the tools to do their work easily and professionally. The company founded in 2011 has as its motto Joy, Color and Care and is determined to provide health professionals with functional and colorful products that will enhance their practice. The range of products Color4care offers the health care professional is varied and colourful, but all are practical and useful. Our nurse watches allow them to be read while keeping your hands free. The clock face is designed to be read upside down, and makes it so much easier to use. The products are designed to allow the nurse to put their individual stamp on their work uniforms. The sterile environment within health care does not have to be dull; Color4care products uphold the pride of the nursing profession while allowing for some individual style and fun.

    Look at our glow in the dark nurses watch. The smooth removable silicon cases can come in a range of colours; it’s stylish, easily cleaned and practical and don’t forget fun! Our range of nurses fob watch include analogue and digital, some with rotatable clock faces and heart rate function. You might also want to consider ordering extra cases in the different colours. Long lasting Japanese batteries are included with all our nurse watches.

    Order Your Nurses Fob Watch Online Today!

    Color4care knows the health profession, understands the needs of the workers for products that will enhance their practice, be economical and practical; fun but hygienic and cleanable. All our products are designed with this in mind, manufactured specifically for the working professional. Ordering online is secure and swift.

  • Silicone covers
  • Pens
  • Pocket protectors
  • Batteries

    Do you need to change the batteries of your nurse watch? No worries! Here you will find new batteries that will make your watch like new again!

  • Penlights
  • ID card holders

    The ID card holder is available in eleven stylish colours and you can match it with other products from Color4Care. You can easily attach the ID card holder to your clothes with a clamp or hang it around your neck with the enclosed string.

  • SnapIt
  • Tournique
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